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Indexing Flow



An Index is a collection of data skipping metadata. In general data skipping metadata can enable skipping row or column subsets of a dataset. In our case we skip data at object/file granularity.

Metadata Generator

A component which generates abstract metadata by processing an object/file.
The metadata is abstract in the sense that it's defined in memory. The concrete storage format for the metadata is implemented by the Metadata Translator.

Metadata Translator

A component which translates the metadata created by the index to a suitable format in order to be stored in the metadatastore.

Index Creation Flow

Indexing Flow

Index creation runs in 2 phases:

  1. Generaring abstract metadata types which hold the metadata in memory.

  2. Translating the abstract metadata types to a metadatastore representation and storing it.

Xskipper currently supports a parquet metadata store which stores the metadata in parquet files. For more information about the parquet metadata store see here.